5/14-21 Study Tour in the Netherlands

Wageningen Univ. Swine Innovation Centre

Japanese Livestock Farmers’ Study Tour in the Netherlands
14th to 21st May 2017

Animal Welfare Farmers Group of Radix Association, Japan
Supported by Radish boya Food Delivery Company, Japan

Cooperated by Dr. Yoichi Matsuki
Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Economics
Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University, Tokyo, Japan

Draft Schedule

Hans and Anja Donkers
Vencomatic Group
Jan Duijndam Dairy farm
Nils den Besten
14(Sun) Tokyo Narita to AMS Schiphol
15(Mon) ① 9:00am -14:00pm
      Wageningen University Swine Innovation Centre,
      Ms.Rosanne Vos
      9.00 Welcome and presentation about Swine Innovation
         Centre Lecture about the Dutch swine sector
      9.30 Presentation StableStable by A. Hoofs (Researcher
         Wageningen University and Research)
      10.45 Showering
       Visit stables
      12.45 Showering
      13.15 Lunch until 14.00
      14:00 Departure

16(Tues.) ②10:00am-12:00am
      Kees and Frances Scheepens ”Walnoot & Wilg”,
       Best St. Oirschol 

17(Wed) ③9:30am-12:00am
       Hans and Anja Donkers Hoogstraat Uden 
     ④13:00pm -17:00pm
       Peter Vingerling Vencomatic Rondeel ,
       Eersel and Wintelre

18(Thu) ⑤10:00am-13:00pm
      the pig farm of mr. Jaap Kreuger
      Bert van den Berg、Program manager farm animals;
      Beter Leven

19(Fri)  ⑥9:30am-12:00am
      Jan Duijndam Dairy farm in Biesland, Delft
      Nils den Besten, Brandwijksedijk 

20(Sat)  8:30am-14:00pm
     Keukenhof park in Leiden and Supermarkets in AMS
21(Sun) Departure at Schiphol
22(Mon) Arrival at Tokyo Narita

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